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Who I am.

I'm Claire, I love taking photos of people, whatever they're up to. I'm also a sound engineer (if you drop by you'll see the other thing i love doing), a costume designer and sometimes an artist!

I love my super-techie dslr but sometimes I like to play with one of my old cameras, mainly my 120 film Lubitel box camera. It's a "hit it and hope" type camera, but the colours are wonderful and the feeling is beautiful - a little more scratchy and a lot more analogue. It's always worth a go if you've got a bit of spare time to wait for the processing - these things aren't instant.

I like to shoot outdoors, playing with found light, but I also adore small, dark gigs and band photography. I'm a total theatre geek and adore working with performers, leaping off walls and creating portraits with personality and colour.

I'll make an image out of anything, everything can be beautiful if you look at it a little differently. 


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